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Noutati modificare

05-08-2014 Nu cumparati xbox 360 E cu hdd 500 gb sau 4gb fabricat dupa 2014.08.05(08 este luna) anumite loturi momentan nu se poate modifica.Daca totusi aveti o consola de 500 gb sau 4gb fabricata dupa data 2014.08.05 (unele inca au placa de baza veche) pot sa verific daca se poate modifica fara sa desfac consola dar trebuie sa veniti cu consola la mine. In curand modificare wii-u cu emulator unitate optica wiikey u, probabil va fi disponibil in august 2014 – produsul a fost anulat.

Pret 400 lei + 100 lei instalare. Voi aduce produsul doar la comanda cu avans.

Permite  folosire jocuri wii-u si wii de pe un hdd portabil.

2014-05-18: We will start taking Wiikey U preorders in the next week!

Wiikey U is the first and only optical drive emulator that allows you to play all your WiiU games from any USB media!

  • Play your WiiU and Wii games from any USB media!
  • Compatible with all WiiU models and regionsD
  • User friendly intuitive interface
  • No soldering required
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports most popular file systems, including EXT4/3/2, Max OS X, and NTFS
  • Powerful embedded Linux system
  • High-speed USB2 interface
  • Firmware and FPGA fully in-system updatable from USB media
  • Recovery mode – it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
  • Stylish USB remote with powered USB hub and charger function
  • Bulletproof high quality hardware (not manufactured in China!)

06-08-2013In curand modare,modificare si pentru ps3 slim 3000(3xxx) sau super slim 4000 cu  emulator de dvd de la 3k3y. Pret  cu instalare 400 lei . Disponibil doar la comanda cu avans . Este necesar un joc original si un hdd portabil pe usb pentru incarcare aplicatii.
14 – 06 – 2013Cobra ODE Hardware – The Wait is Over!

Cobra ODE has been radically enhanced prior to release! We are now entering production phase and stocks will reach the market soon.
Suporta consolele ps3 slim 3000 si super slim 4000.
Modificare orice ps3 cu cobra ode, permite rularea jocurilor de pe un hdd usb.
Pret 400 lei cu instalare doar la comanda cu avans.(disponibil in cateva saptamani)

Modare RGH pentru consolele xbox 360 slim fabricate pana la 16.07.2012 cu dashboard 2.0.15572/2.0.15574/2.0.16197/2.0.16202 – pret 200 lei.

Modare RGH pentru consolele xbox 360 slim cu dashboard 2.0.15572/2.0.15574/2.0.16197/2.0.16202  si  fabricate de obicei dupa/inclusiv 16.07.2012( corona v2 fara post out/v3/v4 – pret 230 lei

In aproximativ 15 zile se vor putea moda rgh si consolele xbox 360 slim cu dashboard 2.0.15572/2.0.15574/2.0.16197/2.0 16202 .
In curand si modare placa de baza corona v3 /v4 gasita de obicei in consolele fabricate dupa 2012 septembrie ziua 16.
Voi posta si un pret cand primesc sculele necesare.

In curand rgh cu CR3 PRO pentru orice  xbox 360  slim cu orice dash board.

The CR3-DGX is an add-on that connects to the CR3 Pro. We have been working on this bad boy for some time – it’s really kick-ass and only made possible by the high level of accuracy and timing of the CR3 Pro.

Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.15572.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)
Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.15574.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)
Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.16197.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)
Full details / specs / install pics / prices / release date etc will be available shortly.

In curand modare Lt ultimate pentru xbox 360 slim cu dvd rom Liteon Dg 16d5s sau Hitachi.

Liteon DG-16D4S 9504 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 0272 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 0225 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 0401 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 1071 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D5S 1175 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D5S 1532 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Hitachi DLN10N 0500 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Hitachi DLN10N 0502 (Tested & 100% Complete)

Cand apar mai multe informatii voi posta si un pret.

Disponibil Modare Rgh pentru xbox slim cu hdd 4gb si eticheta 12v-9.6( corona 4gb) cu dashboard maxim(inclusiv) 2.0 14719 pret 200 lei

Vesti bune pentru posesori de xbox slim cu hdd 4gb si eticheta 12v-9.6( corona 4gb) cu dashboard max 2.0 14719.

Se poate citi nandul si instala freeboot.

Este foarte probabil sa avem modare rgh pentru corona 4gb din partea celor de la Matrix Team.(nu exista o data de lansare inca )

September 3, 2012

Matrix Glitcher V2 Rev.C officially supports Corona V2.

Well, since production of the new reader is about to start we might as well announce it :

Matrix Glitcher V2 Rev.C officially supports Corona V2.

A new Nand reader/writer had to be developed to interface to the 4GB Corona motherboard due to the new phison chip and the differences in the communication protocol.

Installation difficulty is about the same as the old Nand SPI reader (even though the pads are slightly closer together, installers will have the choice to use a quick solder board or directly solder wires to the motherboard).

One small note regarding nand dumps : V2 nand dumps don’t have ECC bytes (this is by design, since they are stripped by the phison controller which also takes care of blocks remapping and a bunch of other stuff), so scripts that expect them to be present might need to be modified (either that or they need to be added after the nand has been dumped).

The final nand reader software will automatically add/remove ECC bytes to the nand image as to try to preserve compatibility with existing software as much as possible.

In curand se va putea moda si dvd-romul Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S prin inlocuire pcb cu unul deblocat.

Acest dvd-rom se gaseste de obicei in consola xbox360 slim fabricata dupa august 2011.

Pentru cei care au dashboard 2.0.15572.0/74 momentan va fi singura metoda de modare .

In curand RGH si cu tx CR3 Lite


Brand new design from the all new CR3 Range !

Next-Gen RGH Circuit – Embedded All Current Fixes & Tweaks

Quality Assured – No Cheap Chinese Knocks-Offs

New RGH1 PLL_BYPASS Cleaner Switches (680pF, 150pF, 100nF, 68nF, 47nF Caps)

New RGH1 & RGH2 CPU_RESET Cleaner Switches (1k, 2k, 3.3k Resistors and 470pF, 560pF 680pF Caps)

New Corona Support – High Quality Branded 48.000Mhz Crystal (No cheap quality knock offs – gives higher performance)

New UF.L / UMCC Connector for CPU_RESET (Includes Ground – Plug In Adapter No Soldering to the CR3 Lite required)

New 50 Ohm Micro Double Shielded & Grounded CPU_RESET Cable (Only 1.53mm and up to 6Ghz passband)

New Built In ROL Option (Show Debug LED On Front Panel Ring Of Light)

Built-in Ribbon Cable Connector For DemoN (Includes CR_EN and XSVF Programming – no soldering or wires)

Enable/Disable C15 Jumper

Enable/Disable 10 Ohm Jumper

Unique design – do not confuse with other brands that have copied the public schematics

Optimized timing for each motherboard version

Easy programming via JTAG

JTAG CK3 Power Plug Included for LPT (JP4)

Power LED

Reset Cycle Debug LED

Easy Install (Includes All Wires)

Works perfectly with the world famous NANDX, J-R Programmer & DemoN

QSB Add-Ons Available

Trusted Team Xecuter Design & Warranty

Modare Rgh xbox 360 slim pentru placa de baza corona (250gb/320gb) SQUIRT BGA 1.2 COOL RUNNER -pret 230 lei(include cip si manopera).

Modare Rgh xbox 360 slim pentru placa de baza corona cu tx cool runner rev c + Crystal oscillator- pret 200 lei

CoolRunner 3 Now In Production We are now pleased to announce that full production has started and PRE-ORDERS will be authorized this week.It’s been just over 2 months since we cracked the Corona and perfected the boot performance along with the new RATER System so you can get the absolute best quality glitch for your money.

Pentru cine nu mai are rabdare se poate face modare pentru placa de baza corona 16mb (consolele care au venit din fabrica cu hdd 250 gb) cu tx cool runner rev c modificat .Valabil doar pentru cei care au dashboard maxim 2.0 14719

Modarea Rgh pentru placa de baza corona va fi disponibila in aproximativ 15 zile.

We are happy to announce that the new and latest version of the CoolRunner 3 design is now in the hands of a core group of testers and we are very happy with the results on Trinity & Corona.

The updated RGH3 is giving great timings on our test machines (both Trinity & Corona are glitching amazingly well (1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,2,1…..).

We can also now tell you about the new RATER feature.

When hooked up to a new QSB system that we will show you soon and the new J-R programmer v2, the J-Runner software will automatically test your glitch settings for you giving an overall score in performance (this is fully automatic including console resets!)

There are several timing settings that we found to work across our test machines so we included them all on the CoolRunner v3 – so you can simply test each setting and stick with the best RATER score. The average timings can be taken over a few tests or hundreds – even thousands (example we tested a machine with 1500 and found its highest rater score to show that 83% of its glitches were in its very first glitch cycle!)

No more guess work

We will give you more info very soon, but we are gearing up ready for full production in the next few weeks.

Timpul de bootare iesit din comun postat de TX (1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,2,1…..) inseamna in secunde 5,5,10,5,5,5,5,5,10,5……..
Ei masoara in „glitch cycle”care este egal cu 5 secunde.
Se pare ca in cateva saptamani intra in productie . Tot nu se stie exact cand va fi disponibil (probabil 1 luna ).

Nou modare R.G.H cu  Coolrunner rev C.

Posibil in 2 luni sa fie disponibil   R.G.H si pentru placa de baza corona (cele care au scris pe eticheta 12v —– 9,86 A).

The new RGH III hack now ported from Corona to Trinity.

Can’t believe the results – 47 1’s in a row !!!!

I think this has now been nailed. The all new CoolRunner III prototypes are arriving with all team members next week. Still a lot more testing and tweaking to be done, but we are almost there.

The CoolRunner III & RGH III supports slim consoles only at this time (Trinity & Corona). It’s a totally brand new method that is 6 months in the making.

Xecuter does it again. Lots more to show soon.